A decade’s worth of intern success

Our summer internship program has grown exponentially since we first welcomed college students to the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center. The program began in 2011 with just a few engineering students from the University of Illinois who helped us build tools to train clinicians.

Today, our program attracts a variety of young people from across the nation with backgrounds in engineering, medical visualization, human-centered design, software design and marketing. They not only work to build task trainers, they also create new content for our Jump STEAM program as well as prototypes for novel projects taking place within OSF Innovation.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of watching previous interns join leading companies in the health care industry, become doctors and manage startups. Here are the projects our students will undertake this year.

2021 summer intern projects

PNC VR STEAM Library: Emmy Baker (Bradley University), Meredith Buchen (Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing), Dustin Clark (Southern Illinois University), Charli Kerr (Bradley University) and Rachael Schulte (Bradley University)

2021 summer intern projectsIn an effort to continue expanding access to Jump Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math programming, this team will build a VR STEAM Library promoting health care careers for middle and high school students. The goal is make this digital library available to schools at no cost.

PNC Interactive Augmented Reality: Eli Adams (University of Illinois College of Medicine Chicago), Ian Conger (Drury University), Connor Davey (Southern Illinois University), Bradley Goss (Dakota State University) and Matthew Sciarabba (Bradley University)

The Advanced Imaging and Modeling Lab has mastered the art of segmenting pieces of anatomy into 3D digital images that can be viewed in a number of technologies such as virtual or augmented reality formats. Jump engineers are passing this knowledge onto interns in hopes of helping them develop curriculum that will walk users through the creation of their own interactive augmented reality (AR) models.

Pulmonary Acoustic Sensor Telemetry Array ”PASTA”: Genevieve Kerns (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Madison Ray (Ohio State University)

Constantly collecting vital signs in the hospital space such as heart rate, blood pressure and pulse oximetry is fairly easy using medical devices designed for such use. However, there isn’t a great way to capture recordings of lung function without a physician physically being present. This team of interns will develop wearable adhesive pulmonary acoustic sensors that can constantly monitor lung function while also classifying sounds that can indicate respiratory changes.

Building a pipeline into the internship program

uilding a pipeline into the internship programAs we look to the future of the internship program, we are asking ourselves how we can ensure all young people have access to this opportunity, regardless of their circumstances. Our idea is to start from the beginning by expanding STEAM programming to kids in need, and “pipelining” them through our series of courses that run through college.

In addition, we are partnering with area colleges on developing co-op programming where students can intern at Jump for an entire semester, helping us develop a variety of health care solutions. We also intend on growing our internship program throughout the Ministry, where students from all over the state could help our hospital facilities with a variety of innovative projects.

Follow the Jump blog to read up on our interns’ progress this summer.
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