Care Innovations Partnership: An Important Step

Paul PribazHelping at-risk patients take better care of themselves – It’s an important mission that Paul Pribaz, Executive Director of Innovation at Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center, keeps on his radar each day. The project currently keeping his plate full is a partnership whose goal is just that.

OSF HealthCare and Intel-GE Care Innovations recently announced their partnership to use Jump for a new study. In this study, the home environment will be used to improve outcomes for at-risk patient groups and answer important questions about activities of daily living (ADLs) paired with clinical data. The ultimate goal is to achieve better health within the home. Pribaz is excited about the study and the full year ahead working with Care Innovations.

Q: Why is the partnership between Care Innovations and Jump so compelling?

A: We are helping people take better care of themselves with technology that impacts patient outcomes. This is our vision in motion – it is a tangible example of the work we do here and the tremendous opportunity we have at Jump to help to transform patient outcomes.

Q: What is the strategic opportunity for Jump by partnering with companies like Care Innovations?

A: To begin with, it’s a new way of utilizing high fidelity space to benefit the medical device industry. We are taking a very sophisticated learning space and making it available for new device testing for industry, which we believe will help to improve the safety and usability of new devices. Also, industry’s needs for new product development methodologies overlap with our competencies in simulation. Finally, it’s a compelling pathway for companies to access our traditional clinical research services (i.e. testing on real patients).

Q: What purpose is Jump serving in this study?

A: We are improving patient experiences and providing cost efficiency in product development. The old way of simulation used to be that you would test products on patients in real environments. Now, we simulate all aspects of testing first, and we are involved early in the product design stage, which allows us to give feedback to the company about usability. We are answering important questions like, “does it make sense to use this product” and, “is the data coming out of the study meaningful”. Jump is providing study design services, usability testing, focus groups with clinicians and patients, IT services to help with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration, and finally, traditional clinical trials.

Q: How many patients will be a part of this study and what kind of patients?

A: We will probably recruit 100 patients, and approximately half will be evaluated with the device. We think we know the best group of patients for the study, but the point of the first study is to confirm this hunch. It will certainly be a subset of patients with a condition that is best served by our clinicians having access to more information about their health outside of the hospital.

Q: What keeps you excited about this study each day at Jump?

A: It’s going to demonstrate another powerful use for simulation. Currently, there is a belief that it works, but we are looking for data to validate its effectiveness. The team at Care Innovations is world class with some amazing ideas. The best part is that they understand us and our mission to serve patients with the greatest care and love. This partnership will produce great opportunities for all those involved.

Q: How long will the studies last?

A: Each project will run for 13 to 16 weeks. This is really very fast and efficient for studies like this, but yet another advantage of the opportunities we offer here at Jump.  We are fortunate to have a single Institutional Review Board (IRB) in our community, which means that the critical ethical review of each study only has to be applied for once.  We are thinking we have at least a year’s work ahead of us. It’s going to be great, and we are already starting to increase staff here for the study and some of our other projects. This means more jobs for the community. In fact, we will be posting six new jobs at Jump!

Q: What is the next step in this partnership?

A: We have recently created a study design, which is a critical step in any research project, and both sides are currently reviewing it to make sure it will accomplish our goals.  Once approved, we’re off to the races, and will begin evaluating the technology.

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