Partnering with AMT for Sim Ambulance

Care provided in the field by paramedics, emergency responders and home health care providers has a vital and direct impact on patient health and outcomes.

Back of Sim AmbulanceJump Trading Simulation & Education Center and Advanced Medical Transport of Central Illinois are teaming up to improve the care patients receive. To aid in this endeavor, AMTCI has generously donated a simulation ambulance to be used in the Regional Transport Center.

The ambulance, equipped similarly to those AMT operates on the street sans engine components, has access to GIS mapping files and dispatch records. Learners will see how emergency calls are dispatched, in addition to the vital communications and treatment that takes place in the rear. High-definition cameras and microphones inside will be connected to the simulation control room for training scenarios and educational activities.

EMT Standing in Sim Ambulance“At AMT, we use an ambulance simulator to give our students the feeling and practice of working in a confined space but when you add the human patient simulator phenom that Jump represents, it is of a greater order of magnitude in medical education,” said Andrew Rand, CEO of AMTCI. “This collaboration between AMT and Jump represents a new opportunity in education and training, and our future ties will only strengthen as health care evolves.”

John Vozenilek, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Jump and a board-certified emergency physician, said cross-professional training is vital. “We feel like this is a great opportunity to partner. The first steps taken by pre-hospital care providers have a direct impact on patient outcomes and the diverse environment we will offer at Jump will give learners across many professions a realistic experience for learning and to ensure the highest level of performance,” said Vozenilek.

About AMT

Advanced Medical Transport of Central Illinois provides 24-hour emergency and scheduled ambulance service as well as pre-hospital critical care to residents and communities throughout central Illinois, including Dubuque, Iowa. Founded in 1991 by Peoria’s three hospitals – OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Proctor Hospital and Methodist Medical Center – AMT is a not-for-profit community-based organization committed to delivering consistently outstanding healthcare transportation, service and value.

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