Innovation at Jump Simulation

Advancing and Reimagining Simulation

OSF Innovation, through Jump Simulation, employs simulation to educate and train novice clinicians, provide insights into common health care concerns and design novel health care solutions. Innovation at Jump has the power to dramatically change the health care industry and create new sources of growth and funding for OSF HealthCare.


Advanced Imaging and Modeling

AIM is an innovative collaboration pairing clinicians and engineers with the most advanced imaging and modeling technologies available. It is our goal to leverage existing, emerging and disruptive technologies in imaging and modeling to diagnose and index pathological conditions for use in the treatment of patients and the education of clinicians. 

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Usability Study in Jump Anatomical Skills Lab

Usability Study Services

Jump Sim has teams of experienced clinicians and bio-medical engineers eager to be challenged with any type of usability study that will advance our Vision to transform health care. Outcomes are primary, and we work closely with partners to ensure new ideas can be implemented in a way that produces maximum impact.

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Ed Rapp and Sister Judith Ann, OSF

Neuroscience Innovation

To advance simulation in neurological care, physicians like Dr. Chris Zallek are working with engineers to rethink and revolutionize training for clinicians in this space. This work is expected to result in innovative solutions that can lead to early diagnosis and allow for remote patient monitoring, lessening the burden on both patients and caregivers.

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In-House Task Trainers

"If it doesn’t exist, we will create it."

Winston Trach Trainer

Winston Trainer

Our engineers developed a tracheotomy trainer, dubbed the "Winston trainer," which utilizes 3D printed technology and a pig trachea to practice establishing an airway during an emergency. Watch Video

Baby IO Leg

Baby IO Leg

Biomedical engineer interns at Jump designed the pediatric intraosseous infusion task trainer as a more realistic and cost-efficient way to practice this emergency procedure. Watch Video

FOSTer Trainer


The Flexible Orthotic Sonography Trainer helps identify and prevent musculoskeletal injury and joint strain in sonography. Watch Video