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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Simulation labs at Jump replicate every kind of clinical space from the ambulance to the patient care room, intensive care unit, surgical suite and beyond. Each space is fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices and technology. Additionally, private viewing areas outside each space allow for facilitator observation that does not obstruct the simulation experience.


Regional Transport Center

The Regional Transport Center (RTC) greatly advances emergency rescue and transport training for pre-hospital responders. The RTC and its equipment allow the simulation of home rescues, vehicular extractions and transportation situations under various environmental circumstances often faced in the field.

Lab Elements

  • Garage with a fixed ambulance bay
  • One-bedroom apartment with full kitchen, bathroom and entry stairs
  • Space for a wrecked car

Emergency Medical Services

Care provided in the field by paramedics, emergency responders and home health care providers has a vital and direct impact on patient health and outcomes. The initial impressions and interventions EMS personnel provide make a real difference in the outcomes of patients.

Thanks to an ambulance donation by Advanced Medical Transport of Central Illinois, we can train pre-hospital personnel how to respond to emergency calls and simulate what takes place as the ambulance heads to the hospital.

High-definition cameras and microphones inside the fully-equipped ambulance are connected to the simulation control room, allowing for easier facilitation of simulation training inside the rig.

Home Health Care

In the accountable care environment, health care providers are responsible for not only individual patients but for the population of people within their geographic reach. One way this is achieved is through home health care products, which can be tested for ease of use, accuracy and other important qualities in the RTC's fully-functioning one-bedroom apartment.

Validate Your Device

Our well-rounded testing environment and clinical experts can help you assess and bring your innovative health care technology or device to market.

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