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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Simulation labs at Jump replicate every kind of clinical space from the ambulance to the patient care room, intensive care unit, surgical suite and beyond. Each space is fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices and technology. Additionally, private viewing areas outside each space allow for facilitator observation that does not obstruct the simulation experience.


Innovation Lab

The innovation lab houses some of our most exciting work. Partnered with University of Illinois engineers, this spaces supports work in human factors engineering, health care systems engineering and device design and analysis.


In our quest for the transformation of health care, our engineers work with clinicians to identify and create solutions for issues identified throughout the Ministry.

These solutions could translate into ideas for new training simulators and devices or the development of new tools to improve health care delivery. The innovation lab space allows engineers to turn these ideas into functioning prototypes.

These prototypes can then be tested in our Virtual Hospital and refined before being sent out to the rest of OSF HealthCare.

Lab Objectives

  • Close the gap between innovation and adoption
  • Investigate how health care simulation may be best used to increase health care quality and safety while lowering its expense
  • Determine appropriate implementation of simulation to improve patient care and increase patient safety

Validate Your Device

Our well-rounded testing environment and clinical experts can help you assess and bring your innovative health care technology or device to market.

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