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Virtual Event
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12:00PM - 12:00AM CDT

Event Cost:

Kit Cost - $40

 -Kit includes Brain, Eyeball, Heart, Lung and Kidney specimens, tools, personal protective equipment and instructions to access the recorded virtual dissection session.

Priority Mail Shipping is available for an additional $15.05.

 -Kits will ship on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

Pickup will be at Jump Simulation, 1306 N Berkeley Ave, Peoria IL

 -Kits will be available for pickup on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Sibling Kits are also available for $5.

 -Sibling kit includes an extra apron, gloves and safety glasses.

Event Capacity: 75

Registration Closes: 9/30/2023

Contact: Event Liaisons


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The Gift of STEAM: Place order by Sunday, December 18th to guarantee Christmas arrival! 
- STEAM kits will be shipped out December 19th. 
- Pickup will be available at Jump Simulation until December 22nd. 

STEAM On Demand kits are available to purchase at anytime and are intended for you to complete on your schedule, at your own speed.  Included in the kit is a link to a pre-recorded dissection lab taught by a clinical anatomist.   

Mini-Med School Intro to Anatomy and Physiology Pt I : Virtual Anatomy Dissections

Whether you’re a new medical student or you’re still dreaming of being one someday, Anatomy dissection is always the starting place. Like a car mechanic takes apart an engine to understand how the pieces work together, the word anatomy means to cut apart or “dissect” something to understand how parts work together. The first part of this course takes you through real animal dissections of the nervous system including a brain and eyeball, the circulatory system to dissect a heart, the respiratory system’s lungs, and the renal system to explore a real kidney. The Virtual lab interaction brings the real dissection experience with professional guidance to your future doctor in your home.

STEAM On Demand labs are a great opportunity for your doctors or scientists to receive hands-on exploration of their favorite STEAM topics in the safety of your home.

Each student will receive an experimenter's toolbox filled with all of the tools and specimens that they'll need to complete an anatomy dissection at home with pre-recorded virtual guidance by a clinical anatomist.  STEAM On Demand requires access to view a prerecorded video link that will be included in the kit.

Who should register for this course?

  • Students interested in a career in clinical medicine. 
  • Students interested in learning more about career opportunities in the healthcare industry.