Debriefing Interprofessional Teams

Jump Simulation Center
1306 N. Berkeley Avenue
Peoria, Illinois 61603

8:00AM - 12:00PM CDT

Event Cost: $138.00

Event Capacity: 3

Registration Closes: 10/27/2022

Contact: Rhonda Urban


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Debriefing plays a central role in creating value from interprofessional (IP) team simulations. Facilitators, however, face several challenges when debriefing the IP team. These include gaps in knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform competently as part of an expert team; potential power dynamics among participants in the team; participants and facilitators; or inexperience on the part of the facilitator.  Facilitators can more effectively meet these challenges when they are able to utilize different debriefing strategies and move smoothly between them during a debriefing.  While maintaining psychological safety and advocacy-inquiry as core strategies, this course will help learners integrate other approaches into their facilitation practice and utilize them for more effective team debriefings.