About Jump ARCHES

This endowed fund supports collaborative efforts between engineers and health care providers at OSF HealthCare and University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria as they work to solve health care challenges through innovative solutions that bend the cost curve of health care and optimize outcomes. Using the state-of-the art resources available within the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center (“Jump Sim Center”) at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center (the “Medical Center”), these collaborative efforts will impact the quality of health care on a global scale.

We will achieve these aims through a program called Applied Research for Community Health through Engineering and Simulation (“Jump ARCHES”). Our premise is that the outstanding promise of simulation to impact patient care can be augmented through a multidisciplinary approach.

Jump ARCHES, is an institute which has been established under the auspices of OSF HealthCare, and is comprised primarily of clinicians and engineers who focus on the technologies and techniques of clinical simulation and its impact on patient care. OSF HealthCare, through the Jump Sim Center, provides remarkable access to practical clinical challenges, a support staff to foster the collaborative working environment, and tools and structure to solve problems in the real-world of health care.

Applied Research Agenda

Jump ARCHES seeks to apply technologies that have been reduced to practice, but not necessarily tested for clinical or simulation use. Engineers will seek, modify, and test innovations that have emerged from their research facilities and beyond.

Our applied research agenda is the study of these technologies for use in the context of simulation. Through Jump ARCHES, our studies are intended to demonstrate improved clinical outcomes, reductions of cost, and higher quality practices through simulation.

Jump ARCHES is focuses on clinical simulation as a technique to impact patient care. The proximity to the state-of-the-art Jump Sim Center and to the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria provides unparalleled access to relevant clinical care simulations. Realistic clinical scenarios will expedite discovery and validation of new technology.
An effective partnership will require the recruitment of a multi-disciplinary engineering faculty who will use clinical simulation to improve patient care.

We anticipate that Jump ARCHES will require skilled personnel in sensor technologies, imaging technologies, informatics, simulation, virtual reality, and data visualization, among other disciplines. We seek a small group of faculty with a long-term commitment to work in Peoria at the Jump Sim Center so that this novel collaboration between disciplines matures most quickly.

Funding and Proposals

The Jump ARCHES grant program will fund:

  • Salary support for engineers who will work primarily within Jump ARCHES in Peoria.
  • Salary support for clinicians or investigators within OSF HealthCare, the University Of Illinois College Of Engineering, or others relevant to the research program.
  • Salary support for other key personnel or consultants
  • Administrative and staffing expenses within the Jump Simulation Center.
  • Programmatic funding within project scope.

All proposals recommended for funding will be characterized by a statement of work and a budget. In addition the proposal must address how the research will meet the goals of the Jump ARCHES program. The application process and the steering panel’s recommendation for funding will be formalized by these two instruments and others which will define the background intellectual property of the contributing individuals and their institutions.

Review Process

The steering panel for Jump ARCHES will prioritize:

  • Applied research programs that evaluate the improvement of patient outcomes through clinical simulation.
  • The creation of equipment and facilities to evaluate and improve health care through clinical simulation.
  • Contributions to scholarship and support for advanced degrees to prepare new generations of experts in the field.
  • Proposals which are competitive for additional external funding to advance the broader use of clinical simulation in healthcare

Suitable space will be assigned to Jump ARCHES within the new 3rd and 4th floor of the Jump Simulation Center building in Peoria, IL. This location will provide access to a wide spectrum of clinical professionals and their existing health care technologies, and illuminate the challenges they face in the transformation of health care.