Task Trainers

  • Adult Airway Trainer

    Equipment | Adult Intubation HeadFor training in basic and advanced airway techniques including suctioning and ventilating a patient.

  • Adult IV and Injection Arm

    Equipment | Adult IV and Injection ArmLifelike adult male arm reproduction with infusible arteries designed for training the proper arterial puncture procedure for blood gas analysis.

  • Adult Blood Pressure Arm

    Equipment | BP ArmAllows for practice listening to and distinguishing blood pressure sounds.

  • Adult Phlebotomy Trainer

    Equipment | Adult IV ArmMulti-vein lifelike arm to practice blood draws and IV placement

  • Arterial Stick Arm

    Equipment | ABG ArmDesigned for training proper arterial puncture for blood gas analysis

  • Baby S-Tap

    Equipment | Baby S-TapInfant trainer positioned for the practice of lumbar puncture techniques

  • Catheterization/Enema Trainer

    Equipment | Catheter TrainerLife-size female pelvis with interchangeable genitalia for practicing urologic and rectal gastrointestinal care

  • CentralLineMan System w/ Articulating Head

    Equipment | CentralLineMan System w/ Articulating HeadUltrasound compatible catheter placement trainer

  • Circumcision Trainer

    Equipment | Circumcision TrainerPractice simulating dorsal block injection, surgical removal of the foreskin, and suturing techniques

  • Cervical Dilation Trainer

    Equipment | Cervical Dilation TrainerDepicts six different cervical conditions prior to birth

  • Chest Trainer

    Equipment | Chest with Pick ArmHas detachable right arm for insertion care training and removal of common long-term vascular access routes

  • Child Airway Trainer

    Equipment | Child Intubation HeadFor use in basic and advanced airway management techniques in adolescents

  • Cricothyrotomy Trainer

    Equipment | Cricothyrotomy TrainerDesigned for learning and practicing an emergency cricothyrotomy procedure

  • CVC Trainer

    Equipment | CVC TrainerUltrasound-guided central line placement trainer

  • Femoral Central Line Trainer

    Equipment | Femoral Central Line TrainerFemoral line placement trainer that allows ultrasound guidance during catheter placement

  • GI Mentor/Endoscopy/Bronchoscopy VR

    Equipment | GI Mentor Endoscopy/BronchoscopyA virtual reality medical simulator for the training of gastrointestinal upper and lower endoscopic procedures and flexible bronchoscopy training

  • Gynecologic Simulator

    Equipment | Pelvic Exam TrainerAdult female pelvis for use in vaginal and pelvic exams, IUD insertion, diaphragm sizing, uterine sounding, and viewing cervices

  • Harvey Heart

    Equipment | Harvey HeartSimulates heart and cardiac functions for all levels of medical education

  • Infant Airway Trainer

    Equipment | Infant Intubation HeadHead on a 3-month-old infant used for basic and advanced airway management techniques

  • Infant IO Leg

    Equipment | IO TrainerSimulated tibia and anatomical landmarks at the tibial tuberosity and medial malleolus

  • Lumbar Puncture Baby

    Equipment | Lumbar Puncture BabyTwo week old baby trainer for lumbar puncture training

  • Lumbar Puncture/Epidural Trainer

    Equipment | Lumbar Puncture/Epidural TrainerUltrasound compatible lumbar puncture trainer - geriatric or regular inserts available

  • Newborn Airway Trainer

    Preemie trainer designed for oral intubation training with realistic tissue

  • Nita Newborn

    Equipment | Nita NewbornNewborn female with realistic landmarks and articulation for vascular access procedures

  • Pediatric Airway Trainer

    Pediatric trainer designed for oral intubation training with realistic tissue

  • Pediatric Phlebotomy Trainer

    Equipment | Child IV ArmMulti-vein lifelike arm to practice blood draws and IV placement

  • TraumaMan FAST Module

    Equipment | TraumaMan FAST ModuleFeatures landmarks on the body used for identification of window locations for the FAST exam

  • Ultrasound Paracentesis Model

    Equipment | Ultrasound Paracentesis ModelUltrasound compatible model allows for procedural accuracy when performing the paracentesis

  • Thoracentesis Trainer

    Equipment | Thoracentesis TrainerThis model simulates a partial torso with anatomical landmarks for practicing thoracentesis

  • Venipuncture Pad

    Equipment | Venipuntcure TrainerUltrasound compatible pad allow for practicing venipuncture or peripheral catheterization on three varying sized veins filled with red fluid