Introducing Dr. Doppler At RSNA 2014

Across the board my experience at RSNA 2014 in Chicago was super interesting. Having never gone to any conference of this magnitude I did not know what to expect. Our 10’ by 10’ booth – while modest in size compared to our neighbor GE’s set-up – boasted our blood flow mimicking ultrasound trainer, better known as Dr. Doppler.

RSNA-02Dr. Doppler offers a portable and affordable solution for educating ultrasound users on identifying various blood flow related illnesses.

Dr. Doppler consists of the flow output box, blood mimicking fluid, the target anatomy, and the Android app to control it. Currently there are no other devices that simulate blood flow at the cost we produced the box at, giving us a competitive advantage.

In addition, the anatomy that we focused on at RSNA was for the neck and specifically the common, internal and external carotid arteries.

Using Mimics from Materialise we were able to create a to-scale neck phantom with correctly sized and positioned vasculature, which people could test at our booth to see firsthand the effectiveness of our model.

Throughout the week we spoke with many educators, businessmen, medical personnel, and engineers alike getting their input on the device. For myself it was a huge learning experience on the business side of things.

Having graduated as a bioengineer I had only taken one business related course in the past, or more specifically a business and technical writing class as my advanced composition requirement.

Luckily though, I’ve had to give many presentations in the past during my engineering courses so at least stage fright wasn’t hanging over my head.

Exploring RSNA Exhibitor Booths

In between advertising our product and discussing what’s available at Jump I was able to walk around a bit and see all the different devices the countless companies around us had to offer.

It was fascinating to go from the big name companies like GE and Siemens, seeing their extremely powerful imaging devices and army of suit coats, to the tiny startups and their prototypes and products.

While the startups may not have been the focus of everyone’s attention, they all had something interesting to offer that was new and exciting.

With all the information we were able to get from the conference we have plenty to keep our hands full until our next conference coming up in January – IMSH 2015. I’m already excited for RSNA to come around again next year and look forward to walking around the exhibit halls looking to learn new and exciting things!

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